Game Animal Council Bill reported back

Thursday 13 December 2012, 4:24PM
By Peter Dunne

Associate Minister of Conservation Peter Dunne has welcomed the report of the Local Government and Environment Select Committee on the Game Animal Council Bill sent back to the House today.

“I thank the select committee and particularly the Chair, Nicky Wagner, for their work on this Bill and I look forward to successfully shepherding it through its remaining stages during the first half of next year,” Mr Dunne said.

The Game Animal Council Bill will give effect to the Game Animal Council, a major plank in United Future’s Confidence and Supply Agreement with National.
“The select committee has made a number of useful recommendations that I believe will strengthen the Council and assist in its overall operation,” he said.

Mr Dunne said that the goal is to create a council that will represent the interests of the hunting sector and improve the management of hunting resources while contributing to positive conservation outcomes.

It will be mostly self-funding and the basic permit to hunt on public conservation land will remain free of charge.

“The hunting community has been waiting a long time for the passage of this legislation, so I am happy to assure them that we are now in the home straight,” Mr Dunne said.