NZ On Air greenlights new digital media projects - Get Your Brown, Down and The Factory

Friday 14 December 2012, 1:39PM
By NZ On Air

NZ On Air is delighted to announce funding for the first major projects from its new digital media fund.

This year the funding agency was particularly looking for DMF Kickstart projects catering to Pacific audiences. In subsequent years different audiences are likely to be targeted.

Get Your Brown, Down comes from Flying Jandals Productions led by television producer Lisa Taouma and Creative Directors Toa Fraser and Mario Gaoa. The project is an online poly-portal of content to connect Pacific youth with their heritage and cultures in engaging ways. Made by and for young Pacific people, the website and related app will communicate through webisodes, local music heroes, and a language game, using both original and shared content.

The Factory comes from Jump Film & Television, whose principal Robin Scholes is working with Vela Manusaute, Anapela Politaivano, Poulima Salima and Michael Bennett. The project is based on a critically aclaimed theatre production. It features a webisode series telling the story of the Saumalus and their efforts to win an annual search for the best singing group within the many factories in South Auckland. It will allow  involvement in creating and producing the webisodes.

“We are really excited about these digital media projects and their ability to engage with Pacific people and a wider audience” says NZ On Air chief executive Jane Wrightson.  “We were highly impressed with the creative, detailed applications we received. These are the excellent projects we really hoped for, in our first Kickstart year.”

NZ On Air received 60 applications to the fund totalling $27 million.

Priority was given to innovative transmedia projects with a sound understanding of their audience, a strong plan for marketing and promotion, bringing together content production and digital agencies.


Funding Details

Get Your Brown, Down, Flying Jandal Productions

The Factory, Jump Film & Television