eMagic launches a NZ Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Friday 14 December 2012, 3:43PM
By eMagic

Company representatives with eMagic today announced the official launch of its New
Zealand full service online marketing agency.

“We began simply as an SEO company, but have now evolved into an all-in-one online
marketing agency as the demand has grown for a company that can offer it all,” said
eMagic Director Cameron Whitaker.

Whitaker explained that its full service internet marketing packages and solutions include
search engine optimisation solutions, online
reputation management, local internet marketing, press releases and search marketing consulting.

The launching of the full service online marketing agency could prove to have perfect

According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Research, by 2016, more than half of
the dollars spent in US will be influenced by the web.

In addition, the study indicated that commerce is increasingly shifting online and
suggested that businesses should have a method to easily sell their product or service

“With Google’s constant algorithm updates and changes a more holistic approach to
online marketing has become essential to achieving sustainable, long term results,”
Whitaker noted, before adding. “That’s where eMagic comes in.”

The company director went on to point out that companies who don’t adapt and evolve
won’t survive.

In fact, according to Experian and an eDigital Research report, more than 64 percent of
smartphone owners are using their mobile devices to shop online and 91 percent of online
adults use social media regularly.

As to what makes eMagic different from all of the other marketing agencies, Whitaker
stressed the fact that it’s a full service internet marketing company.

“This means customers no longer have to deal with multiple agencies, making it not only
less of a management nightmare, but also much more cost effective for them,” Whitaker
said. We provide a wider range of services. We have a much deeper understanding of the
industry and a higher level of expertise than a company who simply focuses on one area
of online marketing.”

He added that eMagic is able to provide the best custom solutions to its clients based on
their needs and goals while not limiting them on their options.

In fact, one eMagic customer, Hans Weichselbaum, described its services as one of the
best on the market today.

“eMagic exceeded all our expectations. Their SEO work was absolutely instrumental in
ensuring the success of our business online,” Weichselbaum said. “My company has had
a very noticeable positive growth in organic traffic and rankings and we continue to see a
growth in sales.”

As to why anyone else should give eMagic a try, Whitaker said “We have a 30 day
money back guarantee. If our clients are not happy with our service for any reason after
30 days we will refund their total investment no questions asked. We also don’t lock
anyone into contracts so they are free to stop their program at any time.”

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About eMagic

eMagic is an all-in-one online marketing agency based in Auckland, New Zealand who
help businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed online by skyrocketing their web visibility
to attract more customers.

eMagic specialises in helping both local and multi-national companies and organisations.
It offers a variety of packages and a service that suits both a small businesses on a tight
budget and large companies who want to promote and increase their brand visibility