Merry Christmas Baby - Rod Stewart Merry Christmas Baby - Rod Stewart CREDIT: Supplied

Top Christmas albums this Christmas

Monday 17 December 2012, 2:08PM
By Larni Media & Events

We all know it's Christmas  when we walk the supermarket isles and hear the sounds of Jingle Bells jingling over the Intercom system.

From Michael Bublé, Rod Stewart, Marvin Gay, Ben Crosby and the classics of the 60's nearly every artists in their musical careers have climbed aboard Santa's slay with a Christmas  album or a  tune or two.

We either  loathe them or love them the sounds of Christmas are once again upon us.

The top two popular Christmas album selections  this Christmas are the soothing, simmering voice of  Michael Bublé 'Christmas' album and the raspy, soulful voice of Rod Stewart and the album 'Merry Christmas Baby'.

Michael Bublé's 'Christmas deluxe special edition album features an array of 20 Christmas classics ideal for a nice relaxing kiwi Christmas at the homestead or at the batch while  Rod Stewart's 'Merry Christmas Baby' 17 track album  featuring Christmas classics and originals is ideal for the Christmas drive down the coast or just a quick pop over to the corner dairy with a singalong.

In  an interview with a UK television show Bublé described his album as 'a childhood dream come true'   while Stewart said "I just wanted to share Christmas with the world and I love Christmas because it brings us all together" He says.

Popular Christmas albums:

1. Christmas (Deluxe Special Edition) - Michael Bublé
2. Merry Christmas, Baby (Deluxe Edition) -  Rod Stewart
3. Ultimate Christmas Collection - Various Artists
4. Christmas Hits - Various
5. Christmas Crooners & Divas Various Artists

All the Christmas albums are available from your local music store or online at marbecksdigital.co.nz