Save water now to reduce the chance of tough water restrictions

Monday 7 January 2013, 3:05PM
By Greater Wellington Regional Council


Cr Nigel Wilson, Chair of the Regional Council’s Social and Cultural Wellbeing Committee, says the rivers that supply us with water are showing the effects of an unusually dry spring.

“Flows in the Hutt River were only 82% of the river’s December average in spite of good rainfall over the past month. Plus we’re heading into what is typically the hottest, driest time of the year – this usually coincides with high water use, mainly due to garden watering.”

Cr Wilson says that current conditions, combined with the fact that our supply of stored water is halved while one of the Te Marua storage lakes is empty for earthquake-strengthening and enlarging, mean that everybody should be careful with water as we head into January.

“The good news – people can easily make changes to water use habits. Target garden watering to only water your plants’ roots and only do full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher. Simple actions like these make a big difference and can help us avoid tough water restrictions.”

A water conservation campaign run by the Greater Wellington Regional Council and the Porirua, Wellington, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt city councils kicks off on 8 January with “do it now” water saving tips. This follows the “get prepared” campaign that ran in spring 2012.

Contact your local city or district council for current watering restrictions in your area.

More information including water-saving tips