Protecting Significant Natural Areas

Thursday 10 January 2013, 1:51PM

By Marlborough District Council



Help for Landowners to Protect Significant Natural Areas

Over the last 10 years nearly 300 Marlborough landowners have received reports from the Council that identify and describe the significant natural areas (SNAs) on their properties. These areas include gullies, wetlands, coastal areas and native forests.

The Council's approach is to encourage and help landowners to protect these areas on a voluntary basis.
The Council has a programme that provides advice and funding (up to 75%), to help landowners to protect these areas, for instance through fencing to keep out farm stock, or weed control.

About 75 landowners from all over Marlborough have protected SNA areas on their properties so far through this programme.

Do you have SNA sites identified on your property? If you are unsure or would like copies of this report contact the Council.

Do you know that some of these areas are very important for conservation of native plants and animals in Marlborough?

Are you interested in getting help to fence or clear these areas from weeds?

If you would like more information contact Nicky Eade at Council, Ph: 03 520 7400.