Good Reasons to Buy NZ Made Natural Health Products

Friday 11 January 2013, 12:14PM
By New Zealand Nature Company

We are blessed to live in a modern age in which a variety of affordable treatments are available for illnesses and general health, based both on orthodox western and more alternative methods of treatment. However, choice can at times be a burden, as there is often a vast array of products on the market which are in fact of low quality, and perform poorly.

One way to ensure that the ingredients in a natural health product are of high quality, and thereby avoid being scammed into paying a fortune for a poorly made imposter is to check for ingredients which originate in New Zealand.

With its rich natural landscape, spanning across coastal areas, forests and alpine regions, New Zealand is home to unique ecosystems which make it the ideal source for the active ingredients of many natural treatments. Whether you are looking for the vitalising properties of deer velvet, the numerous benefits of manuka honey or a treatment derived from green lipped mussels, New Zealand will likely be the best source for pure, clean ingredients.

One reason for this is the country's isolated geographic position. As a set of islands, with no neighbours who border the country by land, New Zealand is able to remain safe from outbreaks of diseases and also the introduction of pests, which countries with landed borders simply come to accept. This means that plant and animal products originating in this country will often be free both of disease and also of the use of heavy pesticides which is associated with a high presence of introduced pests.

Similarly, the country's economy relies heavily on tourism and agriculture, with very little industry and manufacturing taking place. This contributes to the extremely low rate of pollution in air and waterways, which in turn allows for an environment in which healthy animals and plants can flourish.

New Zealand authorities are extremely aware of the potential for the country to serve as a hub for high quality natural resources, and seek to ensure that this remains possible by enforcing strict regulations with regard to wildlife. With strict procedures in place to prevent overfishing, you can rest assured that your fish or shellfish based treatment will not be one which contributes to the abuse of fisheries. Instead, you will be supporting an industry which strives to carry out sustainable procedures wherever possible.

The easiest way to rest assured that your treatments are made with top quality ingredients from this country is to find yourself a good, New Zealand retailer. Online shopping is a convenient option in this regard, and is especially helpful in light of the hectic lives which we all seem to be leading these days.

Check out NZ Nature's natural health products on their website. The New Zealand Nature Company was founded in 1996 with the aim of providing a range of products to customers with a growing interest in sustainability. Seventeen years later, they are proud that the founding principles of quality products, friendly personal service and competitive prices are still what guide them.