Navigation Safety Warning - Expansion of Marine Farm

Friday 25 January 2013, 3:06PM
By Tasman District Council


Tasman Bay Ring Road Farming Ltd (TBRRFL) have advised Tasman District Council that they intend to proceed to stage two of their permanent mussel farming development in AMA3B, pursuant to Coastal Permit RM050101V1 from Saturday 26 January.

This is an expansion of the existing full-density 50Ha farm site adjacent to the North Cardinal mark in AMA3B (that lies offshore between approximately Kaiteriteri and Motueka). Stage 2 is 2/3rds density occupation of the entire consented area, forming a rectangle bounded at the seaward edge by the existing North cardinal and East Cardinal marks, approximately 1.5NM by 0.5NM along the boundaries.

TBRRFL intend to begin placing anchors from Saturday 26 January 2013, and follow with installation of backbones and growing lines. There are currently 40 lines in place as stage 1. Between 104 and 116 new lines will be installed as stage 2. Backbone lines will be bundled in groups of two or three lines once anchored at one end, prior to connection to their second anchor. These bundles may present a hazard particularly to keeled vessels.

Aids to Navigation

One existing special mark will be relocated. Two additional special marks will be installed. The cardinal marks will not be altered.

This work is likely to take approximately eight weeks. There will be increased workboat and diving activities during this period.

The two existing permanent farming sites operated by Tasman Mussels Ltd will not be altered during this work. The Tasman Bay Ring Road Spat Catching Ltd seasonal spat catching area will also not be affected. Normal operations continue in these sub-zones.

For further information, see

  •  and
  •, where a copy of the Coastal Navigation Warning issued on 25 January 2013 by TBRRFL can be viewed. This contains a site plan and co-ordinates.



  1. Vessel operators are advised to avoid unnecessary navigation within the area bounded by the four cardinal marks at AMA3B, Tasman Bay, especially during times of darkness or poor visibility.
  2. Users of high-speed and small craft are cautioned against navigating at speed within the area being developed. In particular, the speed limit of 5 knots within 200m of any structure, any vessel showing the dive flag (Code flag A) and 50m of any other vessel should be strictly observed.