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Comply Guy Guarantee Their Test And Tag Service For Appliances 100%

Wednesday 27 February 2013, 2:00PM
By Pure SEO


For fast, economic appliance testing and tagging, a report and wall certificate for OSH compliance and safety information for staff, an asset register, if required and a reminder when appliances are due for re-testing to remain OSH compliant, it is hard to go past the team at Comply Guy.  Comply Guy are THE electrical test and tag New Zealand experts. For test and tag, PAT tests, appliance testing, electrical testing and more, Comply Guy take all concerns off the worry list. They do this by making sure their customers comply with the latest electrical and OSH regulations, using the latest technology and equipment to efficiently perform appliance testing without risk of damage or loss of data from computers and IT equipment.

It is essential for all companies in New Zealand to be responsible under Health and Safety and Electrical legislation to ensure all electrical appliances are maintained and periodically tested for safety. The team at Comply Guy believe they are the best at what they do and they offer a national appliance testing service. They offer a service which is tailored to meet their customers’ needs, quietly getting on with things, while being extremely cost effective at the same time.

Comply Guy offer a 100% cast-iron guarantee. They guarantee complete satisfaction or they will put things right, free of charge. They will also test, free of charge any new appliance next time they are in the area, plus they will remind their customers when their appliances are due for retesting so that they don’t have to remember. Comply Guy test to the latest NZS 3760 Standard, which means that they test and tag plug-in appliances (e.g. computers, heaters, leads, fans, tools etc.) for safety from electric shock and fire. This gives their customers peace of mind and compliance with the latest electrical and OSH regulations.

It is extremely important to comply with these regulations as many dangerous, hidden faults can only be discovered by specific electrical inspections and tests. An accident with an untested/unsafe appliance could result in a personal and business OSH prosecution. There is also the possibility of a fire insurance claim being denied if a company is deemed not to have taken reasonable care to prevent loss.

The team at Comply Guy offer speed and value-for-money. They are very quick and competitively priced, compared to all other testing companies and especially compared to general electricians. For more information on the services offered by Comply Guy, go to their website at http://www.complyguy.co.nz/