Team Thule retire from GODZone adventure

Monday 11 March 2013, 9:11PM
By GODZone


Team Thule from France and New Zealand have become the first team to officially pull out of the 2013 GODZone adventure. 

The surprise decision came late this afternoon as the team made their way down from CP 11 off the top of the Dingle Burn trek section. Descending rapidly down to the edge of Lake Hawea, the team made their way to Hawea Motors where they contacted Race HQ to announce their intent to quit the race.

Race Director Warren Bates says while the reasons for Thule leaving still remain unclear, he thinks the team must have made up their minds to leave the race up at CP11.

“ Its obvious from the route they took down to the lake edge that's what they planned to do. It’s disappointing because they are a good team of racers, highly thought of and we felt they would be one of our top five finishers.”

The team had a blistering first day yesterday, charging through the field sharing third and fourth place together with Team Macpac.