Zoomslide Ride on a New Wave

Wednesday 13 March 2013, 5:49PM
By Zoomslide


The recent appointments of director Anna Marbrook and strategist James Littlewood will ensure Zoomslide is able to successfully grow its flexible, transmedia approach to content.

After much encouragement from Zoomslide boss, Heather Lee, the timing was right for Marbrook and Littlewood to join Zoomslide in April last year.  Marbrook has taken on the role of Head of Film and Television, alongside Littlewood who is Zoomslide’s new Head of Strategy. Marbrook joined the fold after a period of freelancing across a range of drama projects, while Littlewood makes a leap across industries, on the back of three years within the innovation team in ASB’s head office.

As Zoomslide’s Managing Director, Lee has taken an active role in nurturing the Zoomslide family.  Lee was fully aware of the calibre of both Marbrook and Littlewood and is accordingly thrilled with the appointments. “I see Anna and James joining the team as the start of an exciting new chapter for Zoomslide.  We've made a considered decision to build our transmedia capability, making the most of any given content across a range of channels. Anna and James’s appointments will really boost that” says Lee. 

It’s a perfect fit as Marbrook treasures the opportunity to work within a truly values-led organisation; “Zoomslide’s values are extraordinary and they live by them, which is incredibly rare.  Their integrity drew me to them. That’s what makes them so good at what they do”.

Marbrook and Lee have worked together on and off throughout their careers. The longest stint was at Theatre at Large, the pioneering theatre company Marbrook and Lee established in the 1990's.  Over the years, Marbrook has won several accolades for her collaborative directing style and this virtuosity was put to the test during her time with South Pacific Pictures directing Shortland Street.   Juggling the huge demands of this type of role for more than three years running is no mean feat, but by drawing on her theatre directing skills Marbrook was able to take it in her stride. 

Coming from a much more corporate background, Littlewood provides a valuable contrast in expertise.  ”James is a brilliant strategic thinker and brings much valued business nous to the table.  Between him and Anna, we’ve now got all bases covered for the long haul” says Lee.

In turn, James has only praise for his new employer, having met Lee years ago when they were both students. Says Littlewood, “It’s a total blast to be working with Heather.  She’s a powerhouse with very high standards and a heart of gold.  It’s hugely motivating to be around that every day”.  Littlewood is also stoked to be working with Marbrook stating that “she is one of New Zealand’s true creative geniuses”.

Since joining Zoomslide, Marbrook and Littlewood have been working hard with the rest of the team towards turning some of their concepts into reality and they have a number of exciting projects on the board in both digital and long-form.  Following Zoomslide’s hugely successful run with their World Kitchen series, they are now set to turn their hand towards Real Pasifik, a new and innovative food show.  The company remains tight-lipped on details, but Marbrook promises that “Real Pasifik is a food show unlike any other.  It’s one part food, one part sustainability, and one part about economic prosperity”.