Tree work at Glendhu Bay Camping Ground

Wednesday 20 March 2013, 3:52PM
By Queenstown Lakes District Council


A number of unsafe Douglas Fir trees will be removed and replaced at Glendhu Bay Campground after Easter.

The trees have become unstable over recent years and there have been a couple of near misses recently with large branches breaking off and landing on tents or vehicles.

Queenstown Lakes District Council General Manager Community Services Paul Wilson said the trees have reached the end of their natural life.

‘These trees are very large and due to their age have become very brittle,” he said. “The branches crack easily and it doesn’t take much of a wind for very large branches to fall.”

‘The trees have been part of the scenery there for a very long time but all trees have a lifespan and we don’t want any injuries to the public.”

Mr Wilson said it would take around a week to remove the 32 trees and the process, which involved felling the trees and removing the stumps would be done by the contractor at no cost in return for the wood.

He said the replanting process would use shade trees or blossom trees that were more suitable for the site.