Wiki prepares for the ultimate obstacle course

Tuesday 26 March 2013, 6:29PM

By Warrior Dash


Ruben Wiki Prepares for Auckland
Ruben Wiki Prepares for Auckland Credit: Warrior Dash


Ruben Wiki has taken on men twice his size, tackled nude streakers and suffered more injuries than you can blow a whistle at, but now one of New Zealand’s most famous sport stars is taking on a new challenge, the world’s largest running series. The NRL legend will be joined by wife Santa next Saturday on the Auckland Battleground as they go head to head against 12 insane obstacles on a wild 5km course.

The Warrior Dash Battleground is pitted with obstacles and is set to challenge participants of all athletic abilities. The event is expected to attract a range of participants from professional athletes who will sprint the course with hopes of finishing first, to the ‘Weekend Warriors’ whose intention is to enjoy a day out with their friends. The obstacles these participants will face throughout the Warrior Dash course have names such as ‘Muddy Mayhem’, ‘Chaotic Cross-Over” and ‘Cargo Climb’ all of which involve activities and challenges such as rope climbing, trench crawling and most importantly, mud pits!

Event organisers are extremely excited to have someone of Ruben’s calibre competing in Warrior Dash and not only having Ruben running the course, but also working hard to drive fundraising initiatives for the official event charity, the New Zealand Red Cross. Ruben and his wife Santa are helping raise much needed funds to enable the charity to continue their everyday work supporting some of the most vulnerable people and communities throughout New Zealand and the world.

To sign up for the craziest frickin’ day of your life and to join Ruben Wiki on the Auckland Battleground, visit and register for the world’s largest running series. The event also offers a free festival for all those who are not keen to brave the course come down and watch the Battleground carnage!

To see footage and learn more about Warrior Dash, visit, or visit the Youtube Channel.