Riot in Hamilton causes lock down

Sunday 7 April 2013, 11:59AM
By NP Linked Taranaki


Over 200 drunken youths have attacked an ambulance and foced an events centre into lockdown in a violent incident in Hamilton this morning.


About 15 police units including officers from the Tactical Response Unit needed to secure the area where the 200 young partygoers had spilled onto Hammond St and were throwing bottles about 1.15am.

"A cordon was placed around the area and the Tactical Response Unit with protective equipment moved in to the area to break up and disperse the crowd," police said.

"During the incident an ambulance came under attack from flying bottles and the crew was forced to leave the area due to the danger.

"Patrons at an event centre in the area were unable to leave the premises until the disorder outside had abated."

Four people were arrested, including one charged with assault with a weapon.

Police ramped up patrols in Hamilton for the remainder of the night "to ensure that any
further problems involving the youths [were] dealt with promptly".

No police officers or ambulance staff were injured.