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Admin fronts up on bullying gossip Facebook page

Monday 8 April 2013, 10:27PM
By NP Linked Taranaki


BREAKING NEWS: A gossip page over social networking site Facebook has yet again been created this time for the Wairarapa region.

A gossip page is a page over Facebook that makes public announcments to people over Facebook in front of all of the pages friends.

A Facebook page called "Wairarapa-Schools Revealed" has been deleted by its owner.

One young female teenager spoke with and told our reporter she was targeted, we asked her how she felt and she replied. "I am pretty pissed off but whatever at the  end of the day they are the ones with no life"

She said she can't wait till the person who is doing this gets caught.

A person we spoke to said she was friends with 41 of the Facebook pages 73 friends and because that is a high amount is investigating into nearby Greytown schools. 

We spoke with residents of Greytown where some of the cyber-attacks are taking place and Matthew, 36 years old told "It's disgraceful, sad and disturbing." has tried to get in contact with schools from around the region to let them know of the situation and some will be going as far as letting their students know what is taking place over Facebook.

'Internet Safe, its us' told they are making investigations into the page and can already link the owner of the page back to a specific school.

However tensions are growing in the region over the safety of high school students online and Andrea Wadey told us that she has high worries for some teenagers.


EXCLUSIVE: can reveal an investigation into a Taranaki Facebook goss page that was created late last year that targeted hundreds of people has caused police to be able to locate the owner of that page.

The Taranaki made page came to's attention when speculation went around of 14 year old Francis Douglas student Iziah Willetts watched his mum sunbath naked which was not true and he had the guts to speak up to media about the situation and told us the person had no life.

The person involved in the page was dealt with seriously by police and the school involved.

Out of all of the investigations has created on goss pages over the last two years we can confirm all articles got alot of feedback on the owners of the pages and meant police could find the cyber attackers. has just begun investigating.

Have you been targeted by this page? Do you know the person involved?

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