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Gossip Page Saga: Admin fronts up on bullying

Tuesday 9 April 2013, 7:42PM
By NP Linked Taranaki


LATEST: can confirm "wairarapa school.revealed" Facebook page owners have stood down and have deleted the page as our reporters report that police are investigating.


CHRIS GOGGIN FRONTS UP 'That was me' has made investigations and can confirm one of the people involved was a ex Kuranui College student who was trying to make the page 'better' and went by the name 'Big Red'.

Many people who have reported this infomation to us said what he was involved in was cruel and could have been leathful. 

"I think it was cruel seeing if someone said one thing about him on that page, he would have lost it. he did say that he wasn't the only admin though," one person told tracked down the person involved trying to 'make it better' "Big red" and we asked him why he got involved.

"The publicity, your wife told me it was a fantacy of hers was to get with a famous person. That was my attempt."  Chris Goggin an admin for the page told

When we asked Chris Goggin what the owners name was he made no comment, instead replying "Thats all I knew him as, or her. I only knew your wife as Shhhh, she only knew me as BigRed."

"Want a decent article ? Read your wifes journal. It might be more an article for penthouse though.. I know the owners name but i am unwilling to divolge that to a journo"