NEW Revolutionary circulation pump from Jablotron coming soon NEW Revolutionary circulation pump from Jablotron coming soon CREDIT: Pacific GSM

NEW Revolutionary circulation pump from Jablotron coming soon

Friday 12 April 2013, 2:30PM
By Pacific GSM

Jablotron new pumps are a breakthrough solution to the problematic backup functions of conventional circulation pumps!

Standard circulation pumps stop functioning during a power failure and their backup is problematic. Stopping the circulation in a heating circuit heated by a solid fuel boiler or a solar heating system can lead to a disaster. An innovation introduced by Jablotron finally addresses the problem by bringing onto the market a standard circulation pump – a modestly priced professional solution.

Our pump is designed as a system’s primary pump and replaces standard circulation pumps. During a power failure the energy saving pump runs directly on power supplied from a battery thus eliminating any losses incurred through voltage conversion. Thanks to this arrangement the heating system can function up to 24 hours without a standard mains supply.

The system automatically checks itself and is able to indicate a possible fault in time (loss of battery capacity, mechanically jammed pump, damaged temperature sensor etc). A fault is indicated by an audible signal and by displaying the cause of the fault on the display. Connecting a siren or GSM communicator can bring attention to the emergency situation.

The pump’s electronic control profiles are preset but allow changing all parameters as needed, including the option to display the parameters on a display.