Davis Cup New Zealand Versus Pakistan Appeal Update

Thursday 18 April 2013, 2:27PM

By Dave Worsley


After media reports from Pakistan speculating about an appeal into the result of the Asia/Oceania Group II Davis Cup clash between New Zealand and Pakistan in Myanmar the ITF(International Tennis Federation) has contacted Tennis New Zealand to inform it of progress and to prevent further speculation.

The tie between the nations at the neutral venue selected by Pakistan, the Pun Hlaing Golf and Country Club in Yangon  was awarded to New Zealand by Sri Lankan referee Asitha Attygalla after the grass courts were deemed to be unplayable.

Media reports from Pakistan had celebrated the fact the ITF had agreed to hear their appeal against the result. However the ITF has informed Tennis New Zealand that they are required to hear all appeals, unless totally unreasonable. And that the Davis Cup Committee were always going to hear the appeal from Pakistan if they officially lodged an appeal against the result being defaulted against them.

Pakistan has now officially lodged an appeal with the ITF which will be heard by the Davis Cup Committee.

If Pakistan is not happy with the Davis Cup Committee decision they have the right to appeal to the board of the ITF.

Tennis New Zealand CEO, Steve Johns said that the ITF had spoken to him and told him the process, but until he hears any more information from them it’s business as usual.

“We are looking towards our Group II finals tie with the Philippines in September. That’s how we are planning things,” said Johns. “We have no plans for anything else until we hear the result of the appeal from the ITF. We have been told the Davis Cup committee will meet by phone next week to consider the Pakistan appeal. If it goes to the ITF board then that may be another month longer.”