MitoQ - anti-aging skin product with world-leading Otago science

Tuesday 30 April 2013, 4:30PM

By Sharp Angles


A NZ breakthrough in anti-aging science is going global after a decade of research. Positioning a new anti-aging skin cream containing the world’s most powerful biological anti-oxidant and using a purely digital sales strategy is not an easy path to take.

Yet that is exactly what owners of MitoQ are setting out to do with their skin cream. MitoQ is a skin cream which features world leading technology to slow the ageing process of skin cells, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scars and skin discoloration and reduce the thinning of skin that naturally occurs with ageing. 

MitoQ’s active ingredient is a derivative of CoQ, a component of the body’s own organic antioxidant system. MitoQ’s technology delivers CoQ to the mitochondria within cells to protect against free radicals 1000 times more effectively than anything before it. Free radicals are the unstable molecules which damage cells and DNA, causing ageing and even disease.

The breakthrough was discovered by two leading scientists, Dr. Mike Murphy who is group leader at the Mitochondrial Dysfunction section of MRC Dunn Human Nutrition Unit at  Cambridge University and Dr. Robin Smith, then professor of chemistry at New Zealand’s Otago University.*

Doctor Murphy explains, “The formula we developed delivers high levels of CoQ straight to the mitochondria in cells, significantly increasing the number of antioxidants available to fight free radicals and reduce the signs of ageing. Without question it is the most effective biological antioxidant ever produced.”

*Research in peer-reviewed journals Trends in Pharmacological Sciences and Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences supports the claims made by Dr. Murphy and Dr. Smith.

The science behind the MitoQ skin cream is owned by Auckland based MitoQ Ltd, which is headed up by Greg Macpherson. Macpherson is a New Zealand based pharmacist with extensive experience in business, online strategy and marketing.

With a global focus, MitoQ is harnessing the internet as the sole sales channel for MitoQ. This is a considered and deliberate strategy to keep a distance from the false promises of the marketing-driven “beauty industry” companies which need advertising budgets ranging from tens to hundreds of millions per brand to sell their products. As well as protecting the patented science and brand they’ve developed. MitoQ is positioning itself as a global product, with science from two professors from opposite sides of the globe and the backing of several internationally recognised patents.   

More than 1,000 times more effective in protecting skin cells than leading CoQ formulations, MitoQ is transforming the anti-aging industry, relying on intelligent marketing, the increasingly informed nature of anti-aging consumers and its own powerful science. 

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