Mocka NZ's Balance Bikes The New Rave For Teaching Kids How To Ride

Thursday 2 May 2013, 4:38PM
By Pure SEO

What is a balance bike? A balance bike is a type of miniature bicycle that children are able to ride without needing to know how to pedal or balance. In fact, the whole idea of the balance bike is to teach children how to balance and ride a bike on their own. Because of the running motion children use to ride these bikes, they are sometimes called running bikes. They are typically targeted for children between the ages of three and six. They don’t have any pedals or a chain and are designed for the child to push with their feet while scooting around their riding area. The child will soon begin to coast and balance on the bike without needing to be taught how to do it. In this way the child always feels as though they are in control. Children can instinctively steer a bicycle by using a balance bike. Using a balance bike completely eliminates the need for training wheels. By the time a child graduates from using a balance bike, they already know how to control a bicycle. If they have ever ridden a tricycle, then they already know how to pedal too.

Mocka, New Zealand’s favourite online retailer of quality made kids’ wooden toys, stock a huge range of wooden balance bikes, which are made from quality materials and parts to ensure their bikes provide unsurpassed quality. The bike’s frame, forks and saddle are constructed from sustainable birch wood. A padded seat provides lasting comfort, and pneumatic rubber tyres ensure a smooth ride. The Mocka Balance Bike is built to last. They have carefully selected only the best materials and parts and they are incredibly lightweight at just 4.5kg, making it easy for parents to pick up and carry as needed, and their compact size makes them ideal for stowage within the boot space of most family cars.

Mocka has New Zealand’s largest range of balance bikes for boys and girls ages from two to six years. Each bike has three seat settings (except for the Bounce bike) which can be easily adjusted as the child grows. They also supply bike stands for parking, bike bells and bike bags to carry all those important extras.

Mocka is a small, family-run business, based in Christchurch, New Zealand and on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Along with the famous Balance Bike, Mocka make quality kids’ wooden furniture and toys, offering excellent prices and free delivery throughout New Zealand. For more information on Mocka, please visit their website at