Run Harry Run - Giving a young boy a chance in life

Wednesday 15 May 2013, 11:39AM
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Giving a Young Boy a Chance in Life
“Run Harry Run”

A group of Christchurch women are running for Harry.

“Run Harry Run” is a team of enthusiastic mums wanting to do something BIG for Cystic Fibrosis Canterbury and three year old Harry Ensor is their inspiration.

Team member, Liz Winters, says Cystic Fibrosis (CF) can be a difficult issue to understand, grasp and support, and having a human face – an actual person with the condition, helps to address that.

“Look at him, he’s gorgeous and so full of life,” Liz says. “We are all mums with young children and realise how lucky we all are. How can we not do something to help? So we are”.


A fundraising drive is underway which includes each woman being sponsored by friends, family and work colleagues to run the Christchurch Half Marathon on the 2nd June. The website has been set up where people can donate to CF Canterbury and is where people can learn more about the fundraising, Harry and CF . There’s an auction night in late May to raise much needed funds.

“It’s Harry’s 4th birthday on the 24th May so it seemed perfect to hold the auction night then too’ says Liz.

The evening “A Night on the Green” will be held at the Burnside Bowling Club; Christchurch singer and actor Ali Harper is MCing and entertaining, and items donated by Canterbury businesses will be auctioned.
“We want to make a real difference to Harry’s life and so many others who have CF,” says Liz. “We are determined to succeed and encourage others to help us in any way they can.”

Donations can also be made at any BNZ Branch account 02-0820-0202783-97

Meet Harry Ensor….

Harry was born 24 May 2009, a healthy 8 pounds 8 ounces. 

At six-weeks old he was diagnosed with CF.  Now 3 ½ - Harry has just started kindergarten as he is old enough to be introduced to more bacteria so he can build up and strengthen his immune system.

His daily routine includes taking 17 different enzyme capsules to help him digest his food, using a nebuliser to break up the sticky mucus that forms on his lungs followed by 20-30 minutes of physiotherapy to vibrate the mucus off his lungs twice a day. Through all of this Harry remains wonderfully good natured.

There are no certainties with CF, some die young, some live to their 40s.  What we do know is science is making great advancements and as he is young, time is on his side.

More info on Harry’s Story:

Running and Fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis Canterbury
Proudly sponsored by Mike Greer Homes
Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is NZs most common life-threatening inherited condition.  There is no known cure. While you may have heard of CF you may not be aware of what CF sufferers and their families go through on a daily basis.
There is very little Government funding available and Cystic Fibrosis Canterbury works hard to support CF families, however this support is limited. 

Run Harry Run is fundraising for this worthwhile charity.

Run Harry Run is a team of enthusiastic mums wanting to do something BIG for Cystic Fibrosis Canterbury with Harry as our inspiration.

Below are details of our fundraising drive:

• Each woman is being sponsored by friends, family & work colleagues to run the Christchurch Half Marathon 2nd June
• Donations at any BNZ Branch Account  02-0820-0202783-97
• Auction night for 200 people, Friday 24th May (Harry’s 4th Birthday) at the Burnside Bowling Club with MC and Entertainer Ali Harper and auction items donated by local and national businesses

For more information and photos of Harry and the group contact Liz Winters on 021 358 678