LG's Latest Direct Drive™Technology Washing Machines featuring Smart Diagnosis

Friday 17 May 2013, 1:07PM
By Lily&Louis


LG’s 6 Motion™ technology washing-machines use six powerful techniques to deliver a customized wash for different types of fabric.

LG Electronics, the global consumer electronics giant, showcased their innovative new range of washing machines during an exclusive launch eventhighlighting their 6 Motion™ and Direct Drive™ motortechnologies.

The best-selling front-load washing machine brand in the United States for six consecutive years*, LG’s top and front loading washing machines are equipped with the Inverter Direct Drive™ motor – a motor that controls the actions of its tub and washing motions.The Direct Drive™ motor in LG washing machinesis integrated at the centre of the machine’s drumand has fewer moving parts, resulting inimproved noise and vibration suppression.

“The days of noisy and loud-banging washing machines are over”, says Glen Chean, National Marketing Manager for LG Electronics in New Zealand. “LG washing machines do their job so efficiently and quietly you quickly forget the washing is being done for you”.

The first to mount a direct drive motor directly to the front load washing machine’s drum, LG’s washing machines are also backed by an 10 Year Parts Warranty on the Direct Drive Motor for greater peace of mind.

To minimize time spent in the laundry, LG’s innovative 6 Motion™ Wash Technology uses six unique motion techniques to deliver a customized wash for different types of fabrics.

LG’s front-load washing machines also carry LG’s ‘Big In’ feature delivering a large 10Kg washing capacity without being physically larger than astandard 8kg washing machine. This is great for families who need bigger washing without taking up more valuable space from the laundry room.

Premium models of LG front-load washing machines also includea Steam Washer, which harnesses the power of steam to remove dirt, odours and reduce wrinkles.. The products 20 minute Steam Refresh Cycle provide a detergent-free wash that uses less than one litre of water, to blast clothes with steam to refresh and smooth wrinkles.

The unique Smart Diagnosis™ system lets you diagnose and solve washing problems on LG washing machines using your smartphone. Available for both iPhone and Android, the Smart Diagnosis™app lets the user record and analyze special tones emitted by LG Smart Diagnosis™ washing machines to provideyou with a diagnosis without necessarily needing to call a service technician.

LG’s 6 Motion™ washing machines are available across all major retailers around New Zealand.

* based on Stevenson TraQline data for residential front load laundry from 2007 to 2012 as measured yearly January 1st to December 31st.


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