Rebuild Visitors Encourage Growth In Niche Markets

Friday 24 May 2013, 6:13PM
By Donna Miles-Mojab


The post-earthquake creative energy in Christchurch is not limited to gap-filler projects.
A number of small businesses are using their talent and creativity to respond to the needs of the re-build arrivals and locals alike, says Donna Miles the owner of sandvich, a Christchurch-based business re-creating some of the world’s best-loved sandwiches.
She says the majority of sandvich’s clients are either well-travelled locals or new professional arrivals into the city.
“We have had a phenomenal response from day 1; 100% growth in sandwich sales in our first outlets in two local supermarkets. One of our customers, a local Engineering firm, has recently had three new employees from the U.K, U.S. and Spain; they are all very happy to have healthy and exciting takeout lunch options available to them nearby”.
Miles says there has been an equally strong response from local residents and local schools too. She says she has always believed there should be healthier lunch options available to schools.  
“Shortly after our launch, one of the mums told me that she had been waiting for 17-years for quality sandwiches like those available in sandwich bars all over Europe, and was very pleased to see our sandwiches available in her local supermarket as well as the local school.”
Donna Miles says small cities can limit demand which in turn hampers creativity and variety. The Christchurch rebuild has and will continue to attract more people to the city and she says this will give businesses an added confidence and impetus to cater to niche markets which in turn will support small local suppliers and create more jobs locally so everyone will benefit.
Miles knows of at least 2 other local businesses catering to the demand of the increasingly sophisticated shoppers; one is selling exclusive cashmere clothing for Men and Women and the other is supplying outdoor marble tables.

sandvich offers 9 sandwiches; each named after an international city and each representing a unique and authentic flavour.
The most popular sandwich, as voted by sandvich’s regular customers, is the Middle-Eastern ‘Shiraz’, a truly fresh sandwich of goat’s feta, coriander, mint, walnuts and tomatoes.  ‘Hanoi’ is the popular Vietnamese Banh Mi and is filled with grilled pork, pickled daikon and carrots, coriander, fresh chilli and cucumber. If that hasn’t made your mouth water yet; then consider ‘Kingston’ -jerk chicken, pineapple salsa and spicy coleslaw or the amazing Argentinean steak sandwich ‘Buenos Aires’ filled with skirt steak, sautéed onions and chicmichurri sauce. 
For the gluten-free, there is ‘Lebanon’-carrots and home-made hummus presented in a cute ‘grab and go’ cup.
sandvich launched in February and has been supplying its gourmet sandwiches to Elmwood Normal School, Merivale Fresh Choice, Holmwood Rd Dairy and Raeward Fresh in Tower Junction. The company plans to expand to other schools and outlets around Christchurch.
Sandvich is an on-line ordering and delivery sandwich shop with a number of physical outlets around Christchurch. We use only fresh, quality ingredients and supply our gourmet sandwiches directly to organisations and schools.   
Further information about this new business can be found at .To speak with the owner or to schedule an interview, please call Donna Miles at 021722419 or email