Sam Warriner takes out Ironman 70.3 Cairns in style

Sunday 9 June 2013, 3:34PM

By MJ Media


Sam Warriner winning Ironman 70.3 in Cairns.
Sam Warriner winning Ironman 70.3 in Cairns. Credit: MJ Media

Near perfect conditions set the day in Cairns early on today. Leading out of the water and onto the bike, Sam Warriner took control early on and held onto the lead of up to nine minutes off the bike and onto the run.

“This is my fifth race in five weeks. I love racing in Australia and to come back nine months after having a baby is just brilliant. I am so happy today,” said Warriner after crossing the finish line.

“Once you get out on the coast the rolling hills along the coastline are just beautiful here in Cairns. It’s a tough course, you don’t realise how undulating it is and the wind was there the whole time.”

Kiyomi Niwata from Australia finished strongly for second place reducing Warriner’s lead of nine minutes off the bike to just over one minute.

In the mens race it was Courtney Atkinson who took first place from Brad Kahlefeldt (2nd) and Tim Reed (3rd).   Kiwi Graham O’Grady finished in 6th and Braden Currie in 8th place.

“It was really tough conditions out there today,” said Courtney Atkinson on his win today.  ”Every single person is going to earn their place in the Ironman event today.”

70.3 Women, Top 10 Finish Times

1 Samantha WARRINER Pro NZL 4:39:18
2 Kiyomi NIWATA Pro AUS +00:01:06
3 Kym JAENKE 35-39 AUS +-00:00:5
4 Ange CASTLE  Pro AUS +00:06:22
5 Matilda RAYNOLDS  Pro AUS +00:07:13
6 Rachael SMITH  35-39 AUS +00:03:42
7 Rebecca HOSCHKE  Pro AUS +00:10:37
8 Kristy HALLETT  Pro AUS +00:16:54
9 Olivia LATIMER (2232) 35-39 AUS +00:18:09
10 Rosie MCGEOCH (2244) 35-39 AUS +00:21:46

70.3 Top 10 Men

1 Courtney ATKINSON  AUS 3:56:33
2 Brad KAHLEFELDT  AUS +00:00:51
3 Tim REED  AUS +00:03:19
4 Pete JACOBS (1601) AUS +00:03:31
5 Sam APPLETON  AUS +00:06:58
6 Graham O’GRADY NZL +00:07:47
7 Casey MUNRO  AUS +00:11:43
8 Braden CURRIE  NZL +00:13:55
9 Sam BETTEN  AUS +00:24:23
10 Brad WAUER  AUS +00:25:15