RX Plastics Innovations Well Received at Fieldays 2013

Monday 1 July 2013, 5:20PM

By RX Plastics


RX Plastics Porta Trough
RX Plastics Porta Trough Credit: RX Plastics

Mystery Creek Fieldays 2013 again provided an opportunity for RX Plastics to demonstrate more product innovations to retailers and on-farm customers.

The company continues to build its position as New Zealand’s premier fittings manufacturer and distributor with new products on display this year.

The LD fittings range launched last year is now fully available nationwide and proving to be highly popular with farmers and horticulturalists.

In addition, RX is also offering the FRIATEC® range of Electrofusion fittings which use electric current to melt fittings around a pipe join.

From inside RX Plastics' own research team, the company also demonstrated the recently released high pressure wash down nozzles designed for dairy farm use and the new cyclindrical Porta Trough, designed to be towed across paddocks behind any kind of farm vehicle.

"The Porta Trough just makes so much sense for farmers who have become accustomed to dragging their K-line irrigation across paddocks," says sales and marketing manager Phil Gatehouse.

"We know how to make products that are robust enough to handle that kind of treatment, as well as ensuring the valves and other key parts of the trough are protected from curious stock."

The new troughs come with or without pipe and are available from rural supply outlets around New Zealand.

Perhaps the most exciting new development on the RX stand this year is something completely new to the New Zealand irrigation market.

The new 'G-Set' fixed irrigation system provides an alternative to pivot irrigation and movable K-Line irrigation, requiring no labour and enabling paddocks of all sizes across a range of terrain to receive effective irrigation.

The first release of this new product will focus on Pivot Corners, enabling irrigation to be delivered to all corners of a paddock that is primarily irrigated by a circular pivot system.

Hooking up to the same water supply as the pivot, the G-Set sprinklers are installed in the ground at regular intervals, and set to turn on in a pre-programmed sequence that can be turned on or off from the farmhouse.

Sample installations of G-Set are underway, which will deliver data to help further refine the product and the control systems, which can be wired or wireless.

The primary benefits of G-Set is that it can irrigate an entire area in the course of one day with no labour and no maintenance required, ensuring that each day the farmer can choose to irrigate and replace evaporative loss from the previous day.