Police resume search for missing Taranaki man

Thursday 18 July 2013, 9:12AM
By NP Linked Taranaki


Police are resuming their search today to locate a man missing since yesterday morning from Paritutu Rock in New Plymouth.

The Taranaki Rescue Helicopter was searching the rock and the foreshore area yesterday night for the 65 year old man using Night Vision Goggles and Infra Red heat sensing equipment.

However the crew failed to find anyone.

Search and rescue teams including police dogs, helped with the search last night and police are continuing their search this morning.

The missing man is described as about 65 years old and of European descent.

He is 188cm (6ft 2in) tall and weighs about 74kg.

He has short grey hair that is receding on top.

He has a moustache.

He is believed to be wearing shorts, a T-shirt and light grey running shoes and is unsteady on his feet when he walks.

Police hold grave concerns for the missing man after search and rescue teams identified his vehicle in the car park at the base of Paritutu Rock.

Police are asking for people to contact the New Plymouth Police Station on 06 759 5500 and ask to be put through to the New Plymouth Search and Rescue if you were around the area yesterday or if you have seen him.


The Taranaki Rescue Helicopter searched land and sea to find the man late last night but was stood down.

On Facebook yesterday the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust commented on their status: "No more information to hand except what we were tasked to do by the authorities with the earlier flight."

"We go as directed by the requesting authority. We remain available 24hrs a day 7 days a week when required by emergency services." they said.

Joy Gifkins commented in support "Thanks for always being there for our region. We all really appreciate what you all do for everyone of us"

Meanwhile others posted "Oh this is so sad!! love goes out to the missing person and their family. Is there a search that can be done on foot by public to help find this person?"