Council officials must not hem in future councillors over parking

Sunday 28 July 2013, 12:25AM
By Malcolm Aitken


Wellington City Council Labour Candidates Mark Peck (Lambton ward) and Malcolm Aitken (Onslow/Western ward) today said unelected Wellington City Council officials must not hogtie any new council over parking policy.

WCC officials intend to tender out new contracts for many of Wellington's parking services in August. Mr Peck and Mr Aitken are calling for this process to be halted.

"WCC officials say that WCC takes five times more infringement fees than Hutt or Porirua Councils as if this is some badge of honour. We see this as revenue gathering gone mad. For instance, parking wardens can be seen early on Sunday mornings patrolling the suburban streets ticketing cars, " Mr Aitken said.

"At this time the streets are relatively empty of vehicles. What is the damage to the public good from this that warrants such draconian action? It appears to us to be policing for profit.

"So, we think WCC officials should wait until after there has been an election. We want to bring parking services back in house and abandon the culture behind this revenue gathering practice.

"We call on WCC officials to respect the democratic process and stop this tender from going ahead. In our view they must wait for the new council to be elected as there may be a new collective view on what to do about parking", Mr Peck said.