K-Line G-Set Irrigation Solutions Breaks New Ground for Kiwi Farmers

Wednesday 14 August 2013, 4:27PM

By RX Plastics


K-Line G-Set Irrigation Pod
K-Line G-Set Irrigation Pod Credit: RX Plastics

New Zealand’s leading innovator in the irrigation market has successfully launched a new addition to its range of robust irrigation solutions designed for a range of terrains and budgets.

RX Plastics is the manufacturer and distributor of the ubiquitous K-Line Irrigation pod and sprinkler system which can now be seen on farms throughout New Zealand, Australia, North and South America. 
The company is known for an on-going commitment to research and development, which has led them to their latest innovation, the G-Set irrigation system.

“We listen to feedback from our customers and have responded with a solution that we believe fits a specific gap in the market for an efficient, highly functional system that irrigates more challenging areas,” says RX sales and marketing manager Phil Gatehouse.

G-Set is an embedded irrigation system that can be installed anywhere that irrigation pipe can be run, making it suitable for more difficult terrain, hill slopes and irregular shaped pastures.

“This solution means that farmers can effectively ‘farm for rainfall’ – so they are not overwatering and wasting a precious resource. If there is sufficient rainfall, they simply don’t turn on the system for the day or the week. Otherwise, it operates each day as required.’

Gatehouse says the initial target market is to provide irrigation for farmers to cover the difficult to irrigate areas.

“G-Set is ideal for irrigating pivot corners,” Gatehouse says. “The pods and pipe can be installed and then are run automatically from the house or wherever the computer controller is located, meaning no additional labour is required to shift or turn them on and off.”

Each of the G-Set pods is set in the ground and protects a sprinkler and a control unit, which may be battery, solar powered or mains supplied. The pods are made of the same robust rotomoulded plastic as K-Line, but have a distinctive blue colour to ensure they are easily seen when farmers are working a paddock.

The new system was introduced at this year’s Mystery Creek Fieldays and so far has generated a high level of interest from farmers all over New Zealand, but the product is likely to go beyond New Zealand shores. G-Set has been patented for a number of international markets.

Gatehouse says the first trial installation of G-Set units is currently going into a farm in the Waitaki Valley, and the company has started to ramp up production capacity to start taking orders.

Because RX Plastics doesn’t sell directly to the public, the company has been working closely with irrigation companies to show them the potential of the product and how it can be best implemented for different irrigation requirements.

“This is a significant innovation for New Zealand farms, given the reliance till now on large and expensive installations of centre pivots or travelling irrigator systems. While K-Line has also been ground-breaking and is particularly suitable as a cost-effective solution, G-Set removes the need to relocate the sprinkler pods regularly, so there is virtually no labour cost involved.”

Farmers or consultants wishing to explore their options with G-Set irrigation can contact their local irrigation company for further information or contact RX’s Irrigation and Effluent Category Manager Tony Atwool directly with an expression of interest.