New Plymouth Council elections begin to get heated

Tuesday 20 August 2013, 12:26AM
By NP Linked Taranaki


The New Plymouth elections are coming up and are to be held on the 12th of October, campaigns for the mayors, city wards and more are up and running and infonews.co.nz will have full interviews with some of those involved with City Ward and talk about the candidates running for mayor. 

infonews.co.nz can confirm in the next few days we have an interesting topic which we will be publishing the full interview with one of the candidates running for city ward, the person we interviewed purposed that the parking rates should go up in the CBD and we debated the issue until the candidate had no reply to give. 

Our interview with that candidate will be published this week and effects not just New Plymouth but New Zealand as a whole, a infonews.co.nz exclusive.

Below is some of the talks we will be having this week:

Tuesday 6am: OPINION Article from New Plymouth resident

Wednesday: National EXCLUSIVE with City Ward Candidate who says the parking rates are too low and wants to rise them

Wednesday: Mayor Candidates talk about there goals for New Plymouth

Thursday: Exclusive chat with another City Ward Candidate with his views and opinions.

Friday: OPINION ARTICLE: Youth and politics, whats in it and why is it important?



New Plymouth District Council - Mayor
Harry Duynhoven (Current Mayor)
Andrew Judd
Craig Piercy
Chris Wilkes

New Plymouth District Council - City Ward
Keith Allum
Margi Arthur
Peter Barker
Mary Barnard
Maurice Betts
Shaun Biesiek
Gordon Brown
Murray Chong
Len Clifford
Grant Coward
Heather Joyce Dodunski
Reuben Doyle
Sherril M George
Lance Girling-Butcher
Teresa Goodin
Richard Handley
Dympna Hart
Len Houwers
Andrew Judd
Daniel Keighley
Craig Knowles
Kath Lauderdale
Jim Lawn
Greg Mackay
John Horse McLeod
Barbara McPhillips
Vaughan Minton
Kevin D Moore
John O'Sullivan
Craig Piercy
Phil Quinney
Howie Tamati
John Valentine
Denis Wadsworth
Chris Wilkes

New Plymouth District Council - North Ward
Fiona Clark
Colin Johnston
Basil Lawrence
Craig McFarlane
Bill Simpson
Kirsty Ngamata Skipper

New Plymouth District Council - South West Ward
John Flowers
Richard Jordan
Donald Hugh McIntyre
Marie Pearce
Mike Webber

Clifton Community Board
Ken Bedford
Fiona Clark
Don Herbert
John Hill
Maria Lempriere
Judy Ransom
Elaine Selby

Inglewood Community Board
Jenny Bunn
Claire Gower
Donald Hugh McIntyre
Kevin John Rowan
Phillip Rowe

Kaitake Community Board
Mel Abbott
Graham Chard
Paul Coxhead
Teresa Goodin
Doug Hislop
Mike Pillette
Keith Plummer

Waitara Community Board
Netta Burnside
Moana Denness
Trevor Dodunski
Colin Johnston
Andrew Larsen
Marama Moore
Joe Rauner
Bill Simpson
Karen Smart
Robert Trent Tayor

Taranaki Regional Council - New Plymouth Constituency
Nick Barrett
Tom Cloke
Rex Hendry
Peter Horton
Moira Irving
David Lloyd Lean
Barry Marsh
Sarah Roberts
Jim Tucker
Craig Williamson

Taranaki Regional Council - North Taranaki Constituency*
Mike Davey
Roger Maxwell

*There is no election required because the number of candidates standing for this election was not more than the number of vacancies.

Taranaki District Health Board
Alex Ballantyne
Stephen Barrett
Bonita Bigham
Stuart Jeanne Bramhall
Garth Clarricoates
Karen Eagles
Christine Fenton
Mary Garlick
Flora Gilkison
Brenda Hall
Richard Handley
Judith Herdson
Moira Irving
Pat Leary
Kevin Nielsen
Brenda Rea
Alison Rumball
Bridget Sullivan
John Valentine