MISSING PERSON: Girl, 14 still missing following police assurance

Thursday 22 August 2013, 10:48PM
By NP Linked Taranaki


Danielle Ellison Wallace, 14 years old from central New Zealand has been missing since the 7th of August even after New Zealand police assured the family she was found days ago at the Wellington ferry terminal. later that day this report changed saying she has been found in Christchurch, then late that afternoon police confirmed, she was still missing. 

infonews.co.nz Taranaki can confirm Danielle around the 8th of August was picked up in Wellington and brought back to a bus Depot where a driver of one of the bus's took Danielle in for a few nights not realizing that she was a run away and believed that she was older than she really is.

Danielle then boarded the Bluebridge ferry on the 10th of August and was meeting a person on the otherside of the strait who then took her to Christchurch.

From what we believe Danielle is in Christchurch however she has not had any reported sightings.

Police have said she is a regular runaway and Amanda Wallace, her aunty said "Hi im Danielle's aunty and i would like to thank you for all your guys help on helping to find my neice"

"The latest update is that danielle is defantly in Christchurch as i received a call from a guy saying danielle was at his place the other night as he had a party and she was their this dude knows the where abouts of my neice and is being so selfish and wont let me knw where my neice is. Please if anybody knows the were abours of her please tell me or gve youre info to the local police .as my self and our family are very concerned and just want her back safe." 

infonews.co.nz spoke with Danielles brother Nathan Wallace who said "Shes not thinking straight and should hand her self in"

He posted a status to Facebook sharing a missing photo of his sister saying "My stupid sister"

We also spoke with a cousin of Danielle who said that she wasn't thinking right and really needs to the right thing. 

"She doesnt understand how much this hurts the family" Marie, Danielles cousin told us. 

Police enquires will continue at first light Friday. 

If you have any more information please contact NZ Missing People on 0800 003 632 or contact your local police station.