New Plymouth outer towns Community Board candidates

Wednesday 28 August 2013, 11:15PM
By NP Linked Taranaki


New Plymouth's outer towns Waitara and Inglewood will be electing four counsillors to represent their own town in the New Plymouth District Council's Local Body Elections 2013.

Below are two featured candidates for Waitara, Inglewood, Kiatake and Clifton Community Board, the candidates to be featured are chosen at random.

For more infomation on the rest of the candidates going for Waitara, Inglewood, Kiatake and Clifton Community Board go to the New Plymouth District Councils website. 


Waitara Community Board

Electing Four Counsillors

FEATURED: Burnside, Netta

Netta Burnside.
"If you want to get something done ask a busy person" the old saying describes community board members well. Born Netta Puketapu in Okaiawa, I whakapapa to Te Atiawa, Nga Ruahine and Ngati Ruanui. My husband Gordon and I, with our two children and business, BRAND-X, relocated to Tikorangi 8 years ago, then to the top of Big Jim's Hill at Brixton and don't plan leaving. Waitara people are a very proud, loyal, supportive community and I feel humbled to call this our home and support it in return. Waitara community board is lucky to have had some great leaders and members in previous years, allow me please to use my skills to build on their successes in the best interests of our community. I value social responsibility balanced with economic stability, and know I will work well between our community and the New Plymouth District Council.


FEATURED: Dodunski, Trevor

Trevoe Dodunski.
Trevor Dodunski is 62 years old and has lived in Waitara for 42 years. He has three children and six grandchildren. Trevor has a long history of community involvement including being president of the Waitara Surfcasting and Angling Club for the past 25 years. Trevor is also enthusiastic about his on-going work with Waitara youth including sharing his knowledge of the environment and conservation.
Trevor's motivation to be an active member of the community board is driven from his passion to clean up the Waitara beach, rivers and make the streets a safe place for families to enjoy together. Trevor's vision of keepng the Waitara youth engaged and the police visible in the community are key goals. I will work for the community. Voting for me is your chance to be heard.


Inglewood Community Board

Electing Four Counsillors

FEATURED: Bunn, Jenny

Jenny Bunn.

The Inglewood community has always been nurturing, friendly and welcoming throughout my life. Now is my turn to give something back and to continue with the excellent work establishing Inglewood as a town "like no other". My family have always played a big part in my life, and will continue their invaluable support. They understand the importance and vision we all have to see Inglewood prosper for many years to come. I have been actively involved in the Inglewood community all my life. For many years I have been lucky enough to assist many families realise their dreams in the real estate industry. The business hub in Inglewood has seen it grow into thriving and busy town. My skills, "can do" attitude and willingness to "make things" happen makes me a candidate that will represent Inglewood and the community for the next three years if lucky enough to be elected.


FEATURED: McIntyre, Donald Hugh

Born and bred in Inglewood, Donald and wife Linda farm 140 hectares , milking a herd of 320 cows. With a sound understanding of process and a lifelong commitment to Taranaki, Donald works collaboratively within and across organisations eg Federated Farmers, Taranaki TB-Free, Fringe Garden Festival and Rotary. Prior relevant experience includes serving on the Pukeiti Board and the Taranaki Regional Council. Donald is committed to making a long-term, positive difference and this comes from a genuine respect and love for the whole environment. He has a sense of the big picture, which is firmly grounded in a commonsense approach. Honest, hard-working and proactive, Donald will make informed decisions. He listens to other views, enjoys vigorous debate and is prepared to make the tough calls. Donald is a fifth generation farmer and family man. He is a keen gardener and enjoys all sport.


Kiatake Community Board

Electing Four Counsillors

FEATURED: Goodin, Teresa

Teresa Goodin.
I was born and raised on the coast. For the past five years I have been based near Okato and I recently moved to Omata with my son Seb (5) to establish a holistic wellbeing clinic. I have recently completed my training in New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy. I have a degree and post-graduate diploma in Art and Design and I have exhibited artwork for over ten years. My work experience includes promotion, event co-ordination and project management in local government, the arts and the education sector. During my first term on the community board I have worked on environmental and public health issues and advocated for a playground and skatepark in Okato, which will be completed this year. I would love to continue to represent our community and contribute to a resilient, connected, healthy and happy Kaitake community; creating a bright future for our children to inherit.


FEATURED: Hislop, Doug

Doug Hislop.
It is important that the district to the west of New Plymouth has its voice heard by council and its issues acted upon. We must ensure that our area's natural and physical resources are sustainably managed, with the necessary infrastructure in place to safeguard our lifestyle, so it isn't diminished through inconsistent decision making from a distance.As the Kaitake Ward doesn't have its own elected councillor to speak for the district I became involved (through the community board) nine years ago. I am putting my hand up for another term and, if the community chooses to elect me, my representation will be underpinned by my common sense, a broad skill set, community vision and even-handed approach to all issues. And yes there will still be a fair dollop of persistent determination to advocate honestly, openly and reasonably in the interests of our residents and ratepayers to achieve acceptable outcomes.


Clifton Community Board

Electing Four Counsillors

FEATURED: Hill, John

John Hill.
Having been on the CCB for 3 years now I feel I'm just getting to know the job and how NPDC works. As the
roading spokesperson for Clifton the last 3 years has at times, been frustrating and at other times a pleasure,
when something I have been promoting gets accepted. I feel that CCB could do a lot more for the community than it has over the last 3 years and if re-elected I will be pushing hard for that to happen. I also intend to keep our newsletter going to keep ratepayers informed of what is happening (and sometimes not happening) at NPDC. I will continue to push for common sense in roading decisions and, in particular, would like to see dust-coat sealing in front of every house on a metal road.


FEATURED: Ransom, Judy

Judy Ransom.
Hi, my name is Judy Ransom and I am seeking re-election to the Clifton Community Board of which I have been a member since 2001 - the last 3 years as Chairperson. I am a member of the Urenui and Districts Lions Club and have been in Lions for 25 years, a 1st Responder for the Urenui Health Group and a member of the new Urenui Emergency Response Group Committee. I enjoy being involved in working and supporting our community as much as possible. I am married to Dave and we have 2 adult married children and 5 grandchildren. If re-elected I will be 'up front' for the community and endeavour to do my best for you all.