Let's talk about Wellington, unplugged

Thursday 29 August 2013, 8:00PM
By Malcolm Aitken


Wellington’s renowned cultural distinction could be even further enhanced through a few simple, cost-effective new art and cultural initiatives, says Onslow-Western Wellington City candidate, Malcolm Aitken.

“The wonderful Wellington Writer’s Walk gives us food for thought. We could offer other such experiences harnessing an array of technologies. We could use audio, film and, later, holograms to tell the story of Wellington’s fascinating history, profile influential and famous Wellingtonians and explore our social history," said Mr Aitken, a Labour candidate.

“On the performing arts front, how about some lunchtime laughs with local comedians in Midland Park?  Or, hiring a few good bands to play in Civic Square on a weekday for everyone to enjoy? Just quality shows and entertainment to bring joy to people’s days and maybe reduce stress levels. More Summer City, but all year round.

"I'm also interested in a discussion with Wellington’s arts and cultural community, in my Ward and beyond, about Wellington City Council cost-effectively providing more of a platform for the legion of talented Wellingtonians who don’t have the money to do much more than, for example, produce films from their kitchen tables, but who just exude super talent.

“Wellington City can partner with central government, private sector sponsors and community groups. Many talented people would undoubtedly soar if they were given the right backing at the right time to take their art to the next level. We’d all be richer in every sense from it too.

“I love WoW, the Festival of the Arts, the numerous foreign language film festivals in town, and the World Press Photography Exhibition and I’m one hundred per cent behind them. We could augment the big events and art exhibitions with some really simple initiatives, " Mr Aitken said.

"Let’s encourage a conversation among arts and culture-minded Wellingtonians about Wellington unplugged.”