Auckland Airport harnesses shared working space trend

Thursday 5 September 2013, 11:39AM
By Auckland International Airport


Auckland Airport has embarked on plans to develop exciting new collaborative spaces at The District. The project includes two unique new projects aimed at creating New Zealand’s most innovative business location as part of the wider transformation at the airport.

The first, a collaborative working space on Leonard Isitt Drive, will be designed to meet the demand for shared working spaces that can be used as meeting, training and executive briefing centres. The building will provide a flexible facility for businesses and individuals to work, learn and collaborate in a location within close proximity to New Zealand’s major domestic and international air transport hub.

“We believe that this will be the first fully-integrated facility offering such a range of uses in a location that offers the rich connectivity of an airport. This is an exciting opportunity for business to challenge the conventions of collaboration. These new spaces will provide more than function and inspire how people here work together,” says Sean Thompson, Business Development Manager at Auckland Airport.

“There are numerous examples of airports around the world that have applied the ‘Aerotropolis’ model and all have utilised space so that the local business community and travellers can share it effectively. Therefore, for Auckland Airport to invest in the creation of collaborative space is extremely positive and forward thinking. A sense of community is essential to sustain airport cities as vibrant hubs of innovation and economic growth,” says Aerotropolis expert and the Future Cities Institute CEO Malcolm Fraser.

Auckland Airport has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Future Cities, BizDojo, Synapsys and Agitavi. The consortium has developed an initial concept design in conjunction with award-winning architects Warren and Mahoney.

For the second project, final year students from the University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning have been invited to explore the experience of a shared work space and to challenge the concept of the shared experience. The new outdoor collaborative space will be located adjacent to The District’s Outdoor Gallery and will facilitate productive meetings for those working at The District.

The live project will see students conceptualise, design and model the new space with the best design then chosen for construction. The brief requires students to create plans for a structure or space that will catalyse productive exchanges between workers. Lloyd Hartley Architects will mentor the students; providing professional consultation and take the best design through the construction phase.

Auckland Airport has a 20 year vision for The Quad precinct as part of the wider development of The District at Auckland Airport. The shared working space is part of the airport’s medium term goal to establish a strong business community through commercial and social amenities. Upcoming projects at the airport also include sporting, cultural and infrastructure developments that are transforming the airport into a leading business and transport hub.