OptiFast Proven Weight Loss Products Now Available at Amcal Brookfield Pharmacy

Friday 13 September 2013, 5:12PM
By Brookfield Pharmacy


OptiFast products have garnered tremendous attention across the globe as one of the most proven and effective means of weight loss. The OptiFast programme is one in which participants utilize meal replacements, including shakes and bars, in order to help them more effectively achieve their weight loss goals in a safe manner.

Amcal Brookfield Pharmacy, based in Tauranga, New Zealand, is pleased to announce their availability of a broad range of some of the most popular OptiFast products, including banana milkshake mix, strawberry milkshake mix and OptiFast bars in Berry Crunch.

OptiFast milkshakes are not only scientifically proven to aid in the weight loss process, but they’re also easy to mix, for the person on-the-go, and contain 100% of the recommended daily value of 24 vitamins and nutrients. The bars are a satisfying way to curb hunger and lower cravings, while also getting a healthy source of vital protein.

“We’re pleased to offer these cutting edge weight loss meal replacement items from OptiFast,” said a spokesperson for Amcal Brookfield Pharmacy. “We’re constantly working to find products that are going to not only improve the health and wellness of our customers, but also increase their overall quality of life, and that’s exactly what OptiFast does.”

“Part of what we enjoy about being able to provide our customers with OptiFast products is the fact that they’re not only delicious and can help people reach their goals, but they’re also convenient and perfect for any lifestyle,” said the Amcal Brookfield spokesperson. “We only carry products that we feel we can be proud of, and these meal replacement items certainly meet that criteria.”

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