Turners Auctions renews commercial deal with insurance giants Vero Insurance and AA Insurance

Monday 23 September 2013, 11:48AM
By Porter Novelli New Zealand

Turners Auctions has renewed its partnership with Vero Insurance and AA Insurance to manage the sale of all damaged vehicles, trucks, mobile plant, machinery and general property. Turners has partnered with Vero and AA Insurance for 10 and 15 years respectively.

Vero, a member of the Suncorp Group, is New Zealand’s second largest general insurance company. AA Insurance is owned through a joint venture between Vero and the New Zealand Automobile Association. Combined, AA Insurance and Vero Insurance are among the largest suppliers of damaged vehicles for sale in the country.

Gary Dransfield, Chief Executive of Vero New Zealand, says Vero is pleased to continue the longstanding and productive partnership they’ve enjoyed with Turners for the past decade.

“Turners has consistently delivered for our business, and the team’s experience in managing a varied line of products means we can rely on them to manage the entire process, end to end. Turners offers value not only through built-in efficiencies, but also by constantly delivering process innovations and new ways to streamline the way we work.”

Vero and AA Insurance use Turners’ 10 nationwide centres to store, value, market, and sell plant and vehicles. Each stage of the process is managed by Turners from vehicle pick-up to processing and sale.
AA Insurance CEO, Chris Curtin says: “It’s the input of trusted partners, like Turners, that help ensure there is no weak link in the chain and that our customers’ experience is always positive. We are grateful to the team at Turners for their quality of service and commitment to excellence.”

“This year, AA Insurance was recognised as New Zealand’s most trusted insurance provider for the third year running, and also received two Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customer Awards. These awards demonstrate the strength of the relationship we have with our partners to help us deliver great results for our customers”, says Curtin. 

Turners Auctions CEO, Todd Hunter, says renewing the partnership with these two world class companies reflects Turners commercial strength as a trusted client partner.

“At Turners we strive for the best and having great partners, like AA Insurance and Vero, is not only good for our business but allows us to implement our vision of making a real difference for our clients and customers. We have worked hard on our relationships, which have produced some fantastic results.

“During this time, Turners has increased vehicle yield returns for both companies and we are very proud of this achievement. We look forward to continuing to make a difference for both AA Insurance and Vero in the next stage of our relationship,” says Hunter. Turners offers a wide range of specialist auctions and live simulcast on selected auctions through the Turners website.

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