Diwali celebration in Hawke's Bay

Tuesday 8 October 2013, 12:14PM
By Hawke's Bay Multicultural Association


The upcoming Festival of Lights – Diwali promises to be an exciting time for the Indian Community of Hawkes Bay.

The annual festival is being organised by the Hawkes Bay Multicultural Association and the Indian community to celebrate Diwali in the community.

Multicultural Association President Tong Too says “Last year’s Diwali Festival was a major success and we are renewing our efforts to make this month’s event even better. The event will provide a taste of the rich Indian culture and heritage and is sure to provide entertainment for everyone.”

Diwali is a one of the main festivals of India and is celebrated by followers of the Hindu religion across the world. One of the many popular mythological stories associated with the festival is about Diwali being the day Lord Rama returned to his kingdom from exile after slaying the evil king – Raavana, who had abducted his wife, Sita. The whole kingdom celebrated the day of Lord Rama’s return by making way for him and lighting up the town with small clay lamps as it was a New Moon night.

Today, Diwali primarily signifies the triumph of good over evil. It is celebrated by lighting lamps, sharing sweets, bursting firecrackers and worshipping Lakshmi – the goddess of prosperity, fortune and beauty.

Tong Too says “The festival will include stalls selling Indian handicrafts, the best Indian restaurants will dish up their own special treats and there will be performances from Wellington dance groups Albeli and India 21st Century Performing Arts.”

The Diwali Festival will be held on Saturday 12th October from 6 pm at the Soundshell, Marine Parade Napier.