Light to be seen after tornado strikes Auckland

Wednesday 9 October 2013, 12:10AM
By NP Linked Taranaki


LATEST: A tornado that hit Auckland yesterday at around 6.20pm lasted over twenty five minutes as wild weather struck the region over night. 

It didn't stop there for scared and worried residents, some of which had to live without power for the night has power outages effected over 2000 people, and involved the entire suburb of Devonport in Aucklands North Shore. 

The fire service responded to numerous emergency calls over night including lots of tree down and roof off related weather incidents. 

A Devonport resident posted to Facebook "Power lines outside just ripped out of the ground after the tornado, no power" just minutes after 7pm yesterday evening. 

Two injuries were also reported which including debris falling into one member of the public out walking at the time, "I tried to take cover as the tornado hit, but I got a few hits to the face by wood I believe" the man said. 

The man did not recieve major medical attention however and ended up going to a nearby medical centre.

For Auckland today, its a day of clean up, to revive from yesterdays massive storm, that injured two people, ripped roofs off homes and brought power down to hundreds of thousands of Auckland residents. 

The Auckland District Council are aware of the weather situation for the next few days and have said that people should tie down 'tramps and loose objects'.