Wider choice for NZ bullion investors

Thursday 10 October 2013, 1:27PM
By Pead PR

New Zealand gold investors now have access to a much wider choice of bullion with the news that Auckland’s NZ Mint is now the official local distributor for the Perth Mint.

The distribution agreement with the renowned West Australian mint lifts to three the number of bullion brands available from NZ Mint – Pamp Suisse, the company’s own Gold Kiwi brand and now Perth Mint products.

To support is growing bullion focus, NZ Mint has made new appointments with the widely experienced Clare Goldsworthy assuming the reins as head of bullion. Chris Gillard has also joined NZ Mint team in a bullion support role.

Goldsworthy says the agreement with the Perth Mint gives her company the largest range of branded bullion in the country.

“The distributorship enables us to further grow the bullion business by delivering a wider range of options to Kiwi investors,” she says. “Perth Mint issues the world’s biggest range of pure gold and silver investment coins which also have the reputation for being among the highest quality bullion coins on the market.”

Goldsworthy says Perth Mint product is also internationally recognised as a result of its inclusion in the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

“That membership means Perth Mint’s tradability is accepted globally so its product does not need to be assayed - tested for purity.

“From Perth’s point of view, NZ Mint is a well-recognised brand here and we have a large client base so we are plainly a great vehicle for them to enter the market in New Zealand.”

Goldsworthy says Chris Gillard’s appointment supports the company’s bullion drive and signals increased focus by the business on the wider facets of the bullion market.

“Both in New Zealand and globally, bullion marketing is exploring new channels in terms of both buying and selling. For example, as part of the bullion team he will also be calling on clients who trade bullion within say their jewellery or scrap businesses.”

New Zealand-born, Clare Goldsworthy has had 25 years involvement in the precious metals industry initially with an English business in Auckland. Later she managed and Australian bullion company with jewellery manufacturing capabilities that was part of the Perth Mint.

Most recently Goldsworthy headed the sales division of an Auckland casting company working in finished jewellery and bullion.