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Flight cancelled due to mechanical fault

Friday 1 November 2013, 6:15AM
By NP Linked Taranaki


BREAKING NEWS: Around 50 passengers are effected by an Air New Zealand cancelation this morning. 

A flight from Auckland to New Plymouth was to leave at 6.50AM this morning however the flight was canceled due to a mechanical fault.

The airline is currently trying to contact effected passengers but "its a pretty big job" 

There is a 9AM flight from Auckland to New Plymouth which is now full with a backlog of passengers for the remainder of the day in other flights.

Air New Zealand has not confirmed what part of the aircraft had the fault. 


One passenger on the flight for 6.50AM  19 year old John Riley an New Plymouth born and breed resident had just arrived from a flight which went through Sao Paulo in Brazil, through Chille to Auckland and he said to hear that his flight was cancelled was a let down.

"I am pretty tired and just want to get home. Pretty gutted. I do have insurance though which means I will be able to get on the midday flight." he tolds us at Auckland Airport via phone. 

"Once I get home, i'll be sleeping. The time zones are crazy. I have been in Brazil for one year. It has been an amazing experiance." he added.