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Book lovers to have a new online home

Monday 11 November 2013, 12:48PM
By JJ McConnachie

A pair of book lovers have teamed up with the aim of creating, which they believe will be New Zealand’s biggest website dedicated solely to books and reading.

Between them, JJ McConnachie and Emma Codd read over 200 books a year, and both have a keen interest in the online book world. Both have reviewed books for a number of websites, and Mrs McConnachie has worked on a number of online book-related projects.

The project came about after they discovered a mutual frustration at the lack of a New Zealand online book community. Mrs McConnachie, a website content manager by trade, says, “There are a number of book blogs, but there is no decent website that represents New Zealand book lovers, and their interest in the world of literature.

“We want to create a website for other New Zealand book lovers, not only to showcase both New Zealand and international titles, but also to share author interviews, reviews, competitions, reading and writing advice.

“The book publishing industry is changing fast overseas, with e-books taking off, and we want to be there online, as New Zealand begins to follow the digital book revolution that is happening right now.”

Mrs McConnachie and Ms Codd have the ability to create the website, but need a little help to fund the basics of the build, and the two have started a crowdfunding project to finance their effort.

Fellow book lovers can help bring NZ Booklovers to life, by making a pledge at