Exciting line-up of acts planned for 2014 Southland Buskers Festival

Tuesday 19 November 2013, 1:26PM

By Invercargill City Council



Defying gravity, turning one’s head into a giant ball of rubber bands and being a contortionist/aerial hula-hooper are just some of the entertaining acts performing in the 2014 Southland Buskers’ Festival from January 30 to February 2.

Venture Southland Creative Projects Manager Angela Newell said the 5th annual Southland Buskers Festival would hit the streets and parks of Invercargill from Thursday evening, January 30, to Sunday afternoon, February 2, with a fantastic line up of international and national talent.

“One of the region’s funniest and most accessible events, the Southland Buskers Festival has cemented a home in the annual events calendar, offering the Southland public world-class entertainment and talent.” Ms Newell said.

Ms Newell said the festival is facilitated through the ICC Charitable Trust, with considerable support from local funders and organisations such as the Invercargill City Council, the Invercargill Licensing Trust, The ILT Foundation, The Community Trust of Southland, The Southern Trust, Creative NZ Communities, the Southland Times, More FM and Venture Southland.

Daytime performance areas include Wachner Place, Queen’s Park, The Southern Farmers’ Market and South City - which is a new venue for the festival, Ms Newell said.

Night shows venues include Buskers Cabaret on the Queen’s Park stage (band Rotunda) and the Scottish Hall.

Full festival programmes will be available from mid-December and festival information will be available via the Southlandbuskersfestival Facebook page.

Festival acts include:

Lisa Lottie (Netherlands) is a highly skilled, world-class hula-hoop artist who has performed in 29 countries. 'Bend it like Barbie' includes contortion and hoop.

Reuben DotDotDot (Australia) defies gravity and death with acrobatic stunts and balances you need to see to believe. The show that has it all – humour; handstands; and holding on for dear life! With a spinning one-handed balance 20 feet up in the air, concrete never looked so hard…

CATE… GREAT! (US/Canada) is a world-class world traveller who has performed on stages and festival pitches across the globe. She hails from the United States but is an alumni of Ecole de Cirque de Quebec.

Mr Spin (Australia) is a highly skilled, comic vaudevillian style street/circus act. He performs a beautiful three-ball juggle, Chinese devil-sticking with baseball bats, one ball manipulation and an eight ball juggle, mixed with mad capped antics and an incredible sense of fun.

Mr Wizowski (NZ) is a multi-talented performance artist who upon completing his law degree devoted himself to defying the laws of gravity. A dare devil acrobat, he will leave you pondering the physical limitations of the human body.

Bazza --Most Improved Player (NZ)...the kid’s rugby trophy like no other! He’s cheeky, fun, and unpredictable. Maybe he'll sing a national anthem or yell "Don't kick it! Pass it!"  He could escape from his stand and score a try... Or if you're lucky he'll pass you the ball for you to have the glory! Bazza is an interactive clown performance for the whole family.

The Rubberband Boy (NZ) is back with his bag of tricks. On his travels around the world performing in over 26 countries he has developed an unusual style of comedy that stretches the imagination. This year in his rubber arsenal is ‘The One Man Band’ - a musical instrument powered by, you guessed it!

Keith 'The Numbers' Preene's Golden Goose Show hits the Southland Buskers Festival in grand fashion- calling the numbers, giving away the meat packs and propping himself up with his life long chosen brew - Rheineck!

Make sure you don't miss this hilarious walk through kiwiana's back catalogue, wrapped up with an action packed, knock-out contest of everyone's favourite numbers game - BINGO! If you're one of the lucky ones you may even go away with a platinum meat pack.  This show is the only adults-only event, held in the Scottish Hall in the evenings during the festival.