Film Auckland Inc. applauds increased government support for the New Zealand screen industry

Wednesday 18 December 2013, 11:16AM

By Film Auckland Inc.



Yesterday’s announcement by the New Zealand government increasing incentives comes as a welcome relief for the screen industry sector in Auckland.

“Film Auckland’s Advisory Board are delighted that the government has recognised the current problems faced by our industry,” says Pete Rive, Chairman of Film Auckland Inc. and President of Mili Pictures Worldwide.

“We are heartened that consultation with industry has been outlined as important and we look forward to playing our part in finding constructive ways of growing our industry.”

As the representative voice for the screen industry in Auckland, Film Auckland Inc., has actively engaged with a broad cross section of the industry.

“We are working with a coalition of industry organisations that includes senior industry players who are all focused on attracting large overseas productions and supporting domestic productions,” says Rive.

“The screen industry is internationally competitive, and while our crews and talent are as good as anywhere in the world, cost and foreign exchange has a big impact. The incentives are simply rebates to foreign producers who bring in large capital injections into our economy and with these new initiatives we are more able to compete globally on a level playing field.”

Film Auckland Inc. are also very pleased with the extra support given to medium-sized productions which feature New Zealand content designed to increase the amount of intellectual property developed and owned by the New Zealand screen industry.