LeadMagic™ offers Auckland Cleaners New Marketing Opportunities

Tuesday 14 January 2014, 11:52AM
By eMagic


The landscape of small businesses in Auckland is growing increasingly competitive, and reaching customers is heavily dependent on digital marketing techniques. With this in mind, LeadMagic™, a newly launched online marketing company, is pleased to announce the availability of its services for a limited number of cleaning companies in the Auckland area. LeadMagic™ delivers highly specialised and personalised service to each of the companies it works with, so space for home cleaners Auckland to take advantage of their services is minimal. The company will only be accepting applications for new cleaning companies for a brief period of time, so they encourage interested local businesses to sign up quickly.

The creators of LeadMagic™ are also at the helm of eMagic, a highly successful Auckland SEO company (, and they bring years of experience and tried and true techniques to the world of Internet marketing. The goal of each campaign enacted by LeadMagic™ is to deliver inbound leads directly to the inbox of its clients, so the legwork of finding new clients is taken care of.

“Reaching new customers is all about how you use Internet marketing, yet for small businesses here in Auckland that can seem like a huge undertaking” said co-founder of LeadMagic™ Nathan Whitaker. “The beauty of our service is that we take care of everything for these businesses, so they have time to dedicate to other areas of operation. It’s not just about delivering leads—it’s about delivering high-quality leads. Essentially, we bring those customers that are seeking your services directly to you.”

LeadMagic™ begins by building a website specifically for a business, and then uses it as a tool to drive traffic to a business through managed SEO practices. In addition to a hosted website, clients also receive a toll-free phone number, lead tracking and monthly reporting, demonstrating the results of the services provided by LeadMagic™.

LeadMagic™ offers services that are uniquely tailored to the needs of small and local businesses in the New Zealand area, helping them remain competitive with larger scale companies offering similar services.

To sign-up for a limited cleaning company spot, LeadMagic™encourages interested businesses to visit

About LeadMagic
LeadMagic™ is an innovative company, providing small, local Kiwi businesses with the tools needed to connect with customers via Google and other online search tools. LeadMagic™ helps customers create optimised websites, and attracts new customers to these sites using professionally managed search engine marketing techniques. For more information, visit the LeadMagic™ website at