LeadMagic™ Announces Service Availability for Auckland Towing Companies

Monday 20 January 2014, 5:35PM
By eMagic


The Auckland Towing industry is tremendously competitive, leaving many small and local operators anxious to get ahead of the competition. A newly-launched service, LeadMagic™, is pleased to announce the provision of invaluable services to these towing businesses.

LeadMagic™ is the brainchild of leading Auckland search engine optimisation company eMagic.

LeadMagic™ will utilise their specialised knowledge of internet and digital marketing to provide local towing companies with the resources to gain leads, simply through the use of their website. LeadMagic™ has a very limited availability of openings for towing businesses, so they’re encouraging companies to act quickly to take advantage of these premier marketing services.

“So many small businesses in the Auckland area are already short on the time and resources they need to do proper marketing, yet they are constantly seeking new clients,” said LeadMagic™ co-founder Nathan Whitaker. “That’s where we come in. We put lead generation on auto-pilot for these small businesses, allowing them to allocate more of their resources to the actual operation of their business. Towing companies that use LeadMagic™ can focus on providing excellent service and their day-to-day operations, while we’ll give them the means to have leads delivered directly to their inbox or phone.”

The team behind LeadMagic™ has years of experience in digital marketing and SEO, which they bring to each client. All lead-generation tactics are extremely focused and targeted, ensuring the most value for the customer.

The company shows its dedication to customer satisfaction by offering a 30-day guarantee.

“We have the highly specialised knowledge that will allow us to help these businesses be propelled forward, even in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” said Whitaker. “In fact, we’re so confident in our strategies that we provide a full money-back guarantee if they’re not seeing leads in a period of 30 days.”

LeadMagic™ invites towing companies in the local Auckland area to apply by visiting

About LeadMagic™

LeadMagic™ is an innovative company, providing small, local Kiwi businesses with the tools needed to connect with customers via Google and other online search tools. LeadMagic™ helps customers create optimised websites, and attracts new customers to these sites using professionally managed search engine marketing techniques. For more information, visit the LeadMagic website at