LeadMagic™ Empowers Auckland-Based Car Removal Companies with Valuable Service

Thursday 23 January 2014, 1:50PM
By eMagic


Small businesses often feel overwhelmed with the prospect of marketing and attracting new customers. In New Zealand, there are startling statistics pointing to the pitfalls of local businesses. A newly created company, LeadMagic™, is working to turn this around and empower small businesses to bring in new customers, easily and efficiently. LeadMagic™ is a digital marketing company providing specialised services specifically to local companies in Auckland. They’re currently accepting applications for car removal companies. Spaces are very limited for car wreckers within the Auckland region.

LeadMagic™ will work with car wrecking companies in Auckland to create a website, and a toll-free phone number, which will be used to funnel leads directly to the company’s inbox. Rather than spending countless hours attempting to gain new customers, LeadMagic™ creates and manages an automatic system, requiring no effort from the business itself. Car wrecking companies who take advantage of the LeadMagic™ services will also have the opportunity to view monthly lead reports, providing tangible evidence of the impact.

LeadMagic™ emphasises not just a focus on delivery inbound leads, but leads that are high quality and targeted.

“When you get a phone call or an email as the result of the LeadMagic™ services, you know it’s going to be a customer who’s seeking your service,” said company director Cameron Whitaker. “We’re using tools like Google AdWords to connect businesses with clients who are looking for what they provide, so you’re not wasting any time in the process.”

Google is the primary way most consumers locate the goods and services they need, and LeadMagic™ is allowing small and local businesses to harness the power of this search engine.

“You no longer have to be a huge corporation with a massive advertising budget to remain competitive,” said Whitaker. “Now even the smallest car removal services have the opportunity to be put directly in front of the consumer. It’s an inexpensive and effective way for small businesses to grow and thrive, while dedicating their time and energy to other areas of their business.”

Car wrecking companies are invited to take advantage of the limited opportunity to apply for a spot with LeadMagic™, by visiting

About LeadMagic™

LeadMagic™ is an innovative company, providing small, local Kiwi businesses with the tools needed to connect with customers via Google and other online search tools. LeadMagic™ helps customers create optimised websites, and attracts new customers to these sites using professionally managed search engine marketing techniques. For more information, visit the LeadMagic™ website at