Fire in New Plymouth

Sunday 26 January 2014, 10:49AM
By NP Linked Taranaki


UPDATED: Three fire trucks were called to a two story house fire in North Taranaki this morning which is under control.

The fire began shortly after 10am in the suburb of Waitara near New Plymouth.

Around twenty minutes later two Waitara fire trucks rushed up Rahiri Street to the two story home which was on fire. 

New Plymouth senior station officer Ian Drewery said the fire appered to have began in the kitchen. 

New Plymouth's fire truck was called to back up Waitara, but this truck was then sent to the scene aswell. 

"Waitara's fire service was first to arrive, New Plymouth was called in for back up" an ex fire fighter for New Plymouth told NP Linked. 

"Smoke can be seen clearly down the street involved" he told us shortly after the fire trucks had arrived.

At 11am NP Linked spoke to a resident who told us that the fire looked to be under control and that the New Plymouth truck would be getting ready to head back to the station. 

Another told that the house was damaged but the fire was under control. 

Sources: NPLinked, NPYIP