Alison Shanks Training Tips for the REV

Monday 3 February 2014, 2:33PM
By Alison Shanks


Train with a friend. It’s more motivating if you have someone to train with, even better if you’re training for the same event.

Work your way up to the distance that you are racing. Start with a one-hour ride, then each week try to do 20 minutes more. Ideally, you should ride at least three times a week.

Over the next few weeks try to do one ride a week in training that is at least 3/4 of your race distance. Fantastic if you can ride the full distance but don’t worry if your training rides are shorter because come race day you will last the extra distance.

100km Race: in training do at least 75km

55km Race: in training do at least 40km

18km Race: in training do at least 10km

More bang for your training time. If your training time is limited then interval training is the best way to get fit quick. A good session that can be done on the road or on the indoor trainer is

ON (Work)  OFF (Recovery)

5min     5min

4min   4min

3min   3min

2min   2min

1min   1min

15sec sprint to finish

This is a solid 30min session, so by the time you warm up and warm down you’ve had a good 60min session of real intensity.  Do this session 1 -2 x a week, with a couple of road rides and you’ll be ready to race The REV.

Course Reconnaissance If you live close by to the race course then try training on parts of it. It’s a nice way to put your mind at ease in terms of knowing what you’re in for on race day. Especially if you can ride the hard climbs. Knowing the course enables you to pace yourself for the entire climb on race day as you know how far it is, and where the really steep pinches are.

Understanding the course is also an advantage to know when best to attack the race, or when others might attack so be alert and ready to pounce.