Cambridge Community Church Cambridge Community Church CREDIT: Ekaterina Chernova

Cambridge local scene paintings are getting popular overseas

Tuesday 4 February 2014, 12:14PM
By Ekaterina Chernova


Cambridge might be delighted to know that paintings of local scenes are appreciated by overseas collectors!

Artist Ekaterina moved to Cambridge at the end of last year, and discovered stunning sunsets, that beautiful white community church, and lake with water lilies.

She decided to create a series of small oil paintings about Cambridge. They are painted en plein air (on location). On these lovely summmer days, Ekaterina just wonders around the town, sets up her easel under a tree and paints right in front of the subject. She puts paintings online in her daily blog and tells a story of each one of them.

Suddenly, these paintings got popular not only among local public, but also collectors from Finland and Rarotonga buy several paintings at a time.

"Thank you Cambridge for so much inspiration and joyful days!" - artist Ekaterina