Letter to Youth In Politics

Sunday 9 February 2014, 3:24PM
By John Minto

I have posted this to my blog and thought I would send it to NP Youth In Politics. 

"Stop whinging New Zealand, it's time to plan a more self-reliant economy

"I have a lot of sympathy for the Buy Australian campaign which is removing foreign-produced products from supermarket shelves in Australia

"I always avoid Australian-made biscuits when I’m in the supermarket. I just can’t see the point of sending biscuits thousands of kilometres from their point of manufacture when New Zealand biscuits are made down the road.

"The same applies to garlic from China, grapes from the US or pork from Canada.

"It’s one thing to buy foreign-produced goods we don’t produce here like rice, bananas and coconuts. But importing biscuits? Fruit and vegetables? Meat?