Taupo to host international marketing specialist

Tuesday 11 February 2014, 1:07AM
By Kingdom Solutions Consultancy


Local business professionals will soon benefit from the insights and wisdom of Australian marketing
whiz, Johnathan Brake, when he opens the Boost Your Business marketing conference in Taupo on
February 25.

The conference, hosted by local business facilitation company Kingdom Solutions Consultancy, will
feature an opening seminar as well as a Hot Seating event.

Hot Seating is a well-known concept in the business world, where new or existing business owners
get the chance to receive advice and feedback on their company or ideas. Brake will be on hand to
mentor participants during the session.

Brake has over 20 years of experience in marketing, branding and business improvement, and has
worked with thousands of small to medium businesses around the world. An experienced business
coach and facilitator, Brake will present an evening seminar on the first day of the conference.

With a particular interest in small to medium enterprises, Brake likes to focus on the personal side of
business as well. “I have a passion for any business where the owners are still involved in calling the
shots. It’s about being proud of who you are, and how that translates into your brand or business,”
said Brake.

Relationship building is also an area of interest, Brake said, “As business owners, managers and
workers, we have such a great opportunity to build real relationships, to influence lives, and benefit
others through our day to day transactions.”

Veronica King, Chief Executive at Kingdom Solutions Consultancy, said “This conference will be a
great way for local business people to boost their business acumen and learn from a leading
international expert.”

Marketing buffs like Brake, are not seen in Taupo very often, “It’s a unique opportunity that locals
should certainly take full advantage of,” said King, who plans to host more professional development
events in the future.

Anyone who wants more information about the conference can call King directly on 027 556 6075,
or tickets are available from Friends Café on Roberts street, and online at